Solidarity on the Net

What is the digital responsibility of companies in the age of disinformation and hostility? As part of #DFC2021, we will be discussing solidarity on the net with experts at an online panel on 20 May.

Youth Seminar: The Digital Divide

How is journalism impacted by digital trends and developments and what does it take to have a well-informed public? What does the digital infrastructure of political parties look like and what could Germany maybe learn from the United States?

Media Competence Study

What about the digital news literacy of the German population? Anna-Katharina Meßmer (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung), Leonie Schulz (pollytix research gmbh) and Alexander Sängerlaub (futur eins) conducted a large-scale study to find out.

Newsletter #1: Reclaiming the public sphere!

The radical transformation of our public sphere has presented us with a flood of challenges. Time to tackle them. The think & do tank futur eins introduces itself in its first newsletter and reports on the first three months since its founding.

Digital Journalism | Future & Change

How must journalism change in the digital world? How can it find its readers again? Which business model could work? Where does public broadcasting need to go? What are digital knowledge architectures? Alex Sängerlaub and Max Rosch from piqd discuss many questions and topics in the piqd Online College on the future of journalism.

Future and challenges for local journalism

Digital Conference: Future and Challenges for Local Journalism - at the SPD Economic Forum, Hamburg’s Senator for Culture Carsten Brosda was in conversation with Annika Sehl, Nico Lumma and Alex Sängerlaub.

#D21talk - Web Congress Digital Society

On February 24, 2021, Alex Sängerlaub will speak at the #D21talk about disinformation and conspiracy myths that are rapidly spreading through the Internet. Anyone can take part in the online event via a link.

“We, the People…”: Reality or Illusion?

The recent attack on the U.S. Capitol and incidents in other Western democracies – such as the attempt to storm the Reichstag building in Berlin in August 2020 – demonstrate how fragile our democracies are. Are the aspiration and promise of our liberal constitutions an illusion?

Social networks block Donald Trump: A long overdue step!

Twitter, Facebook and other major tech companies are blocking the access of still-incumbent U.S. President Donald J. Trump after he repeatedly called for violence. Alexander Sängerlaub, a digital public sphere expert at futur eins, the Institute for Media and Communication Policy, puts what’s happening in context for us.