Digitalization has radically changed the way we communicate with each other and inform ourselves. The pace of change and the political pressure to act are enormous, because one innovation, one crisis follows the next. What often gets lost in all the daily routines is the question of what kind of media landscape we actually want to live in in the future, bearing in mind technological, social and political changes. What information architectures do the liberal democratic societies of the 21st century need? And what must we do today to create them?

This is exactly where futur eins comes in. We believe that a more inclusive, diverse, resilient and constructive public sphere is needed, in which independent journalistic offerings – technologically up-to-date and equipped with resilient business models – enable information, dialog and discourse on local, national and European issues, in which digital media and news literacy are widespread and in which artificial intelligence and algorithms serve the common good.

But the public sphere serving the common good is not a democratic given; it must be continually achieved, defended and developed. Therefore, we work as a think & do tank, not only as a platform for innovative ideas (think), but also as a catalyst for change with lighthouse projects and constant experimentation (& do). As an organization, we are at the interference between the spheres of politics, media, technology, science and civil society. What we need more than ever in our fast-paced media realities: Time and space for journalism and the informed society.

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Digital Knowledge Architectures

Digitization offers completely new opportunities for knowledge processing and networking that we as a society can use. This also means leaving the attention economy behind and, for example, placing strategic social megatopics on resubmission. To achieve this, science and journalism need to move closer together to think in terms of joint information platforms.


Constructive News Lab

News needs perspective. Constructive journalism is the logical development from the insights we have gained about journalism in the last century. We want to help editorial offices to develop their working methods and to think up new formats.


Resilience against Disinformation & Hate Speech

How to deal with populism? Which measures help against disinformation and hate speech? How can we increase the resilience of our society by having better strategies in hand to respond to the challenges of the digital information society? futur eins helps journalists, politicians and citizens and provides them with concepts and tools on how best to deal with populism and disinformation.


Public Welfare Oriented Media Policy

A media order that emphasizes the remoteness of the media from the state, seeks to secure diversity, protects public-law systems from market power, and seeks to prevent monopolies of opinion as well as economic cartels is still a good foundation for a modern or even technically revolutionary media world. We think future-proof concepts that protect and further develop this foundation.


Digital News Literacy

The digital structural change of the public sphere has radically changed the way we communicate and brought us new challenges – from disinformation to information overload. News literacy, including digital literacy, is thus the new foundation of the knowledge society. We help to implement it from politics to civil society.

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